Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We love the mail man

Tia absolutely LOVES to get mail, especially packages. Yesterday she hit the jackpot. She got not one, but two large packages from her Aunt Sheila (my dear friend of many years). The gifts are for Tia birthday but arrived early because there was one thing in there for my birthday too.
Sheila knows Tia is very "girlie", so here is an example of the types of things she included in the box...

Now what little girl wouldn't want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner off of that?

And here is Tia feeding her new baby doll which was also in the box.

She has really only recently started to play with dolls. This one really made her day. This is the first time she got posessive with a toy and would NOT under any circumstances let her sister play with it. I convinced her to let Gia choose something else out of the box to play with. She gave in and let her hold the Ariel Pez dispenser, as long as there was no candy in it.
Oh the joy of girls. I love it!

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