Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I think our house might be getting back to normal this afternoon! For those of you who read this that don't know what has been going on...
We had a couple bad hail storms.
Needed a new roof.
Got severe rain before the roof was done.
Water damage inside the house!
Restoration company put in HUGE dehumidifiers and fans to dry us out.
Ah, finally today they are here to get their very large and extremely noisy equipment out of our house! Our moisture levels are back to where they should be.
They are even cleaning the carpets as we speak.
I can't wait to put everything back where it belongs and for Tia to have her room back. She has been such a good sport about it. She doesn't seem to care where her bed is, as long as she is able to sleep in it.
Maybe now we can get back to our normal routine and schedule.
I really feel for those folks who go through serious natural disasters/floods/hurricanes/tornadoes. It takes a lot out of your daily life.
Special prayers to those on the gulf coast who are preparing for the worst tonight.

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