Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's the 12th!

That means my babies are 34 months and 16 months, respectively. Where has the time gone?
It seems like yesterday that I brought each of them home from the hospital. They grow up too fast.

At 34 months Tia is potty trained. She also knows all her letters, colors, shapes, and can count to 13 by herself. How is this even possible? I can remember like it was yesterday being in the hospital intensive care unit, crying because no one knew what was wrong with our baby. She was having what appeared to be seizures, and her head was pretty big. Turns out it's all brain in there because she is just perfect. She grew out of whatever was happening with the seizures, or whatever they were. I guess that was just a test to make sure we were cut out to be parents.
She has a memory that won't quit. She can tell us the birth month of everyone in our family. She talks about the day we brought Giuliana home from the hospital in such detail, like it happened last week.
What an amazing child.

At 16 months Giuliana has given up her bottle. She now feeds herself, much to her mothers chagrin. She loves playing with her sister and looking at books. She keeps us all busy chasing after her because she is a ball of energy. She loves her naps and goes to bed without any fuss. She has to get her rest so she can run circles around us again when she gets up! She is very independent and knows exactly what she wants. She has figured out how to open the child safety locks on the cupboards, as well as open the dishwasher. Maybe she will be an engineer, or a magician.

It's amazing to watch these two angels grow up and develop their own little personalities. They bring us so much joy every day. We are truly blessed.

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