Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All creatures great and small

The other day while out gardening/pulling weeds, I heard the buzzing of a bee and jumped back. Tia asked "what's wrong Mom?". I told her I heard a bumble bee and she said "That's just Barry mom". Bee Movie is her favorite movie and the Jerry Seinfeld character is named Barry. She walked over to where the bee was and said "No stingin' Barry, no stingin'". She had no fear.

Yesterday when we went out to water the garden, I saw a baby frog in the kids pool. I told Tia about it and she came over and said "Ni Hau" to the frog. I am not sure why she thinks the frog speaks Chinese, but it was the cutest thing. The pool was empty and I now think the frog got in there and couldn't get out. Sadly, after I pointed out the baby frog to Tia, that's when I noticed it was dead! OK, how do I get myself out of this one? Trying to think fast I said "I think this frog wants to live in our garden where he can run and play". So we moved him over to the garden and I can only hope he will be gone before we go out there again!

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Amy Jo said...

ewwww! Oh no! I think you did a good job covering for that dead froggy.