Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guilty Mom syndrome

I had to work over the weekend. I only work one or two shifts per month, so Tia isn't really used to the idea. When she noticed I was getting ready for work (probably because I was wearing real clothes!), she started to say...
"Mom, I'm hot, I don't feel well, I think I have a fever". Then, to top it off and make me feel even more guilty for leaving she said "Mommy, don't go, I need you, you're my Muffin!".
Ugh, talk about major MOM GUILT.
Needless to say, she and her sister both survived the day without me at home. They may have even had some fun with their Daddy. Imagine that.

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Amy Jo said...

You are working at Sorenson a little bit? Good for you!