Thursday, August 14, 2008

Geared up for our fitness walk

This morning I just couldn't fathom another minute on the elliptical, let alone 30, so I did yoga on the Wii Fit instead. Would you believe that machine told me I have racked up 10 hours of exercise time? That seems crazy to me, but at least I have enjoyed it.
We have been having some fantastic weather here in the midwest, which means more time outside. The kids and I both love it. Today we walked to the library and back which equals 2 miles. I wonder how many extra calories I burn by pushing this double stroller with two kids in it? I'm sure that counts for something!
We will walk again this evening with a neighbor who is also trying to get fit and we'll put another 2 miles on these wheels. I told D.R. "at this rate I should be skinny by morning". We both got a laugh. Skinny, probably not. Healthy heart, I sure hope so.

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Amy Jo said...

Good for you! We really enjoyed the weather while we were out in the mid west last week too. Sometimes in the summer it is unbearably hot when we visit Indiana!