Thursday, August 14, 2008

All men are created equal

Many years ago on a trip to Seattle, I saw a sign in my hotel that said "This is a Racism Free Zone!". It made me smile. I wish more places were like that, and put it right out there for all to see.
This morning I was reminded of that simple message. Tia and I were coloring pictures. She was coloring a picture of 3 bears which she called Mommy, Daddy, and Tia. She was being very careful and precise.
She told me "Mom, I'm making Tia purple, Mommy orange, and Daddy black". I have to smile for two reasons.
1. Her creativity has not yet been restricted by the norms of the real world.
2. She doesn't see race in humans.

We are all just the people she loves, and we could be any color in the world!
Isn't that a fantastic way to live? More people should see the world through the eyes of a two year old.

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