Sunday, August 24, 2008


My sister and two best friends flew in for a visit on Thursday. After spending a couple days totally spoiling the kids, us grown-up girls hopped a train to downtown Chicago for a girls night. Before we left I told my sister she should have a tea party with Tia because if she didn't, Tia would surely remind me of it later. Tia doesn't forget a thing these days! So, they had a great tea party, and then we headed out the door for our night on the town. Of course there were lots of tears (inducing Mommy guilt again) but we made it out and had a great time. This morning I got them off to the airport via train, and D.R. picked me up there.

Here's how the conversation with my almost 3 year old went:

Hi girls, I missed you so much!
"Hi Mommy, you came back! You're my baby angel. I miss you."
"Yes, Mommy came back. You're my Muffin.
"Where's Aunt Kimmie?"
"Aunt Kimmie had to go back to New York, she's on an airplane"
"Where's Sheila?"
"She's with Aunt Kimmie on the airplane to New York"
"Oh, I had a tea party with Aunt Kimmie"
"You did, was it nice?"
"Yeah, had fun." "I wanted to watch TV with Aunt Kimmie, on my couch."
"Oh, well we will be at Aunt Kimmie's house on Friday. She has a TV there"
"No, I no see TV at Aunt Kimmie's house. Where is it Mom?"
"It's in her living room, she has a big one."
"I no see it at her house Mom."
"I promise you she has a TV at her house."
"Mom, I watch TV with Aunt Kimmie in her living room"
"OK, I'll tell her you want to watch TV with her."

One of the best things about having a child that is Tia's age is that we can now have conversations! She can tell me exactly what she is thinking. I love every minute of it!
I better tell my sister of Tia's big plans for her this week.

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