Monday, July 28, 2008

Things Tia says that make me laugh

1. "Ju Ju, no touch the pyunger, dirty!"
2. "When Ju Ju grow up, I teach her to dance"
3. "My birthday in the Fall, I be a princess"
4. "Daddy took my fever, give me medicine, I all better now"
5. "No jammies to playschool, right mommy?"
6. "Ju Ju, no touch Daddy's floss!"
7. "No touch stove Ju Ju, burn yourself!"
8. "Mommy, you my Muffin"
9. "I be the princess, you be the queen Mommy" (I taught her well)
10. "OK, I be the baby, Ju Ju be the sister"
and my all time favorite....
11. "Waaaahhhhh (high pitched squeal). I'm bein' Ju Ju Mom"

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Amy Jo said...

Cute! I like your new layout better than the pink. I believe at one point I had the pink/maroon too, but it's annoying after like a day.