Thursday, July 31, 2008

"My middle name shoulda' been Danger"

So far this kid is not living up to her middle name "Grace". She is anything but graceful, but she is a blessing, of course.

Today Tia woke up from a wonderful 3 1/2 hour nap asking to bake muffins. I thought that would be a great idea and we would bring some to the new mommy in our group tomorrow. Tia and I went into the bathroom to wash our hands and of course Giuliana followed us in there. I could hear her behind me trying to get at the toilet brush (her latest fascination). Just as I was turning around to tell her not to touch it, she was preparing to put the handle in her mouth (big surprise) but fell forward on the handle as she was attempting to run away from me. She began to scream, and then couldn't scream anymore because she was out of breath. I couldn't tell if the brush itself poked her in the mouth somewhere, or if her tooth broke her lip open, but there was lots of blood!

It's amazing how many things can go through a mothers mind in a crisis situation. In a matter of about 30 seconds I thought "What if it poked the back of her throat and she is bleeding back there?", "Do I know how to get to the hospital, wait, what hospital do we go to now?", "What if she needs stitches, how will they hold her down"...etc. Once I was able to figure out that the blood was not coming from the back of her throat but her lip, and saw the look of horror on Tia's face at the sight of her sister bleeding, I said "OK, I think everyone needs a popsicle". Tia quickly forgot about the crisis at hand and enjoyed her popsicle. Gia wanted nothing to do with it. More screaming. I tried ice cream. More screaming. I tried ice cubes, by now you know where this is going! It is virtually impossible to get a 15 month old to sit still and allow you to apply something cold to a wound. My last resort was a bottle with cold milk. She's been successfully off the bottle for a week now and I had just packed them away. When she saw me pull one out, she went from screaming to giddy. It worked.

This picture was taken well after 'the incident', however she is screaming again because I said "Gia, let's get a picture of your boo boo lip".


I can live without more days like this.

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Amy Jo said...

wow...poor Gia. It's rough figuring out all the things that can go in your mouth and what shouldn't.