Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Neglectful Blogger

I've really been slacking on this blogging business. I remember the days when I would post almost every day, or at least several times a week. Well, sometimes life just gets in the way of such things!

I decided in an attempt to catch up on all of life's happenings, I could go through all my blog "labels" (those things on the right that organize and categorize my posts) and try to write something about each one of them. So here goes...

Challenge of the Week:

This weeks challenge is the same as last week. Getting the house in order and keeping it that way in preparation of trying to sell. I'm not sure I've mentioned it at all but we're moving to Wisconsin in a few months. We've been packing, cleaning, organizing, getting rid of stuff, etc. which seems to be a full time job!

Health and Fitness:

I've been able to make it to the gym about 4-5 times a week. That number used to be 6 but since the hubby is working up in Wisconsin for part of the week, the schedule has had a few changes. I'm no longer running outside because I'm a big baby about the weather (and my lungs do NOT like cold air) but I've fallen in love with cardio kick boxing! It's my latest addiction. I've been able to maintain my weight loss, and for me that's a big deal.

Just For Me:

I'm going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks! It's yet another 40th birthday celebration (talk about milking it!). I'm meeting my sister and BFF for a girls weekend. I'm excited but nervous about leaving the kids all at the same time. I may have to consume some alcohol to drown my sorrows.

Kids Say the Darndest Things:

Yesterday I told Gia that my exercise class starts at 1:00. Her response was "When I was a baby that used to be my nap time. Remember?".
Yeah. I remember, but how the heck does a 4 year old remember that stuff?

While hugging Tia I said "Oh, how did I get so lucky to get you as my daughter?". Her response was "Mom, I'm really so lucky that I got you as my Mom".
Melt my heart!

Our Many Blessings:

OH, where to start! We are blessed in so many ways.
The whole family is healthy. We're all happy and doing well. The kids are both excelling at school and love going every day! D.R. has a job that he loves, and where they appreciate his hard work.
We're buying a beautiful home in Wisconsin on more than an acre of land!
The list could go on and on. We are blessed.

Pictures of My Angels:

Random Thoughts:

There was a 7 year old boy at the bus stop, eating Oreo Cakesters for breakfast this morning. That just makes me unbelievably sad on so many levels. The bright spot of my morning was when my daughter said to him "That has no protein, so it's not such a great breakfast". She then proudly announced that she had "An egg with cheese, a piece of toast, and a glass of milk" for breakfast. Proud mommy moment!

Special Projects:

The only special project I'll be working on for the foreseeable future is trying to sell this house.

The Clearance Rack:

My shopping has been put on hiatus lately since we're planning a big move but I did manage to snag these cute little  jeans for my 6 year old (school clothes for next year). Of course they were on the 70% off rack at Target...where else?!

That's my kind of deal!

Well, those are all my labels so I think I'm successfully caught up. Forgive me for being such a slacker lately.
Have a great day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

How adorable they both look!!!!

Hugs to both!!!

And you look fantastic everytime I see you!