Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Has Arrived!

Tia has been waiting for weeks for her little front baby tooth to fall out.  She woke up very early yesterday morning and announced that she was going to 'work on this tooth for a while'.  Sure enough, she got it out!  She was so excited.
Here she is, missing the tooth...


The 'tooth fairy' has been prepared for this moment for a while.  The only concern was getting caught.  Luckily Tia is a very sound sleeper and slept through the exchange.  Here's what she got, along with a few coins...

Pencils and Markers
This is such a big, exciting day in our family.  Tia has informed us "I'm not a little girl anymore".

Can I go cry now?  My baby.  My first born.  *sigh*  Not a baby anymore.

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