Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Fun Week, Part 1

This week, the last week of school, we were supposed to be back in Rochester visiting our family and friends.  Unfortunately that plan didn't work out.  Since I already had a 9 day stretch off from work, I decided to make the best of it and plan lots of fun activities for the kiddos.

Day One of 'Family Fun Week' brought with it nearly 100 degree temperatures.  I slathered on the sun block and we went to the local splash pad.  It was a blast!  We brought lunch and had a picnic.  We were there for more than 3 hours.
Check out these happy faces!

Would you believe after that beautiful, sunny day we had severe storms and a 40 degree drop in temperature?  That's OK because we had already planned a trip to our favorite museum!  It warmed up just enough to be able to have lunch outside and get some fresh air, then it was back inside for more fun.

Gia the construction worker

The wind tubes
We were there for 4 hours and they played HARD.  They both slept on the car ride home and still went to bed at their normal time.
Needless to say after two days of big time activity, today we will be laying low.  We'll be off to the library in a little while for some 'quiet' fun.
I hope they get some good rest because I've got plans for more fun in the coming week.
Happy Summer Vacation!

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