Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gia's Birthday Part Two

You know in our family the birthday celebrations go on for days.  This year was no exception.  We took the family up to Wisconsin for a 2 night stay at one of the indoor water parks.  I think we all had a blast, except for the birthday girl!  She was OK on the first day but she has a hard time settling down in a hotel, which meant she was sleep deprived for most of our stay there. 
Her favorite part was the lazy river, and being with Daddy.  He's the whole world to her these days, and all she wanted to do was hang out with her favorite fella'!

Gia and her favorite guy
Totally exhausted and lounging
This girl knows how to have fun!
Things got worse as her sleep-o-meter went down.  Her cooperation level was at an all time low by the time we went out to dinner.

Gia's birthday ice cream sundae.  We were NOT allowed to sing!

A birthday picture without the birthday girl.  She refused to join us!
Gia's been telling everyone that she went to Wisconsin for her birthday and had so much fun.  I'm glad that's the way she remembers it!  Honestly, there were good parts, but there was a lot of crying.  We learned a great deal about her tolerance level and what not to do when we go to Disney in the fall.
We enjoyed our stay at the resort, it was truly a top-notch place.  We'd definitely go back again


Anonymous said...

Cool pics!!!! Why didn't she want anybody to sing? Zara makes us sing everyday - B'day or not.

Which resort is this? Looks pretty amazing!

Ronda said...

We went to the Wilderness Resort. This was our second time and we really enjoyed it. We would definitely recommend's clean, and there's something for everyone, all ages!