Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowed In...Well, sort of

On Sunday we were expecting a major storm here in the mid west.  We actually didn't get all the snow that was predicted, but we did get some super low temperatures and LOTS of wind.  On days like that I don't want to leave my house, so I have to come up with things to keep the kiddos busy.  After watching way too much TV, reading lots of books, and playing the Wii for about an hour, I remembered I had this...

I bought the kits back in January because they were marked WAY down and I knew one day the kids would love to use them.  Rice Krispie's don't go bad so it was a pretty good buy!  The treats are supposed to come out looking like a gingerbread house, like the one you see on the box.  Well, they didn't look anything like a house but the kids didn't care.  They had a great time making abstract art with the icing and edible decorations.
Check out how different these girls are...

Fearless abandon

Care and precision

This project kept them busy for quite a long time.  It's amazing what those little minds can create when given the opportunity.

Gia's masterpiece
Check out the finished products!
Tia's masterpiece
Not a bad snow day.  Not bad at all!

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