Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Pageant

One of the many reasons I love that my kids go to Christian preschool is the annual Christmas pageant.  They sing traditional Christmas songs and even sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  I love it!  Most public schools these days aren't allowed to celebrate religious holidays for fear of offending someone, and I understand that.  However I'm a traditional person and I like things like they were in 'the good old days'.
Here is Gia at the pageant.

My baby with the white bow in her hair
singing my favorite, "This Little Light of Mine"
The proud mommy with her angels
These are the best moments of my life.  So sweet.

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Amy Jo said...

Wow.. Gia looks so big to me! Kaylee's pre-school is at a church too and I'm looking forward to the little concert they are putting on too.