Monday, September 6, 2010

Face Painting at the Festival

On Saturday we took the girls to a nearby festival. We hadn't gone in years past because we assumed that, like most festivals there would be a fee for parking, fee for admission, fee for rides, etc. We haven't had good experiences at those things because our kids are too young to fully enjoy all that there is to offer, and it ends up being a big waste of money.
We were pleasantly surprised to find out that this festival had free admission and free parking. They also had an entire tent set up specifically for younger kids. There was a clown making balloon animals, arts and crafts, sno cones, etc. Our kids loved it. We ran out of time to get the face painting done, so D.R. took them back early the next day, before the crowds, and had it done.

It really turned out great and you can see how excited they were. This was a nice little home town event and we'll definitely go back next year!

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