Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tia's First Day

Look at that big girl! You'd never know she had been agonizing for weeks about going to a new school, and taking the bus. We read her several books about the school bus, had the "school fairy" come and leave her a prize for being a big girl, and so on. Still, with all of our efforts, she was a nervous wreck.
I told Tia that on the first day I would follow the bus and meet her at school so i could walk in with her. Well, that was a great plan, however these things never really work out as planned, do they? First of all, the bus was about 35 minutes late. I had decided they must have forgotten us and I should probably drive her. No sooner did I get everyone buckled in, the bus came rolling down the street. I told Tia she could choose the bus or Mom's car, and she chose the bus! All those books really worked!

Here they are waiting patiently for our very late bus

When the bus doors opened, she ran up and got right on! No teary goodbye, no kiss, NOTHING! What happened to my shy little girl?

When I got to the school, I had to stop at the office to drop off some paperwork. By the time I got down to Tia's class, she was already in there, and playing nicely with the other kids. So much for the picture of her getting off the bus and walking into her classroom! Oh well, the important thing is that she went in, she was brave, and she had a great day!

The scene was the same when she got off the bus. She bounded off, happily as ever. She couldn't wait to tell me all about her day.
I can't believe my sweet baby girl is old enough to be going to school 5 days a week, and taking the bus! Time flies.

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