Monday, April 19, 2010

What Will They Be?

You know how sometimes parents of accomplished musicians or athletes often say "I knew he was going to be a .....from the minute he could talk"? Well D.R. and I often look at our kids with an inquiring eye, trying to see what they will be when they grow up.

We already know Tia is very into fashion for a child her age. Every day she gets excited about picking out her clothes for the day, and needs to make sure everything matches. Her favorite show to watch is "What Not To Wear", where they take an unsuspecting fashion disaster and give her a total make over. She watches every minute of the show from beginning to end.
However, because she has exemplary small motor skills and is quite a perfectionist, D.R. is convinced she will be a surgeon or architect. At any rate, she'll be a well dressed surgeon or architect!

And for Gia. Well, this girl has an ear for music like I've never seen before. We call her the music director in the car. She dictates what we can listen to, calling out "Harry music!" or "I want James Taylor". Not only that, but she knows the words of most of the songs and likes to sing along. Keep in mind she just turned 3! During each song she'll say "I hear the piano, do you hear it Mom?" or "There's the trumpet, I hear the trumpet!". I don't know how she knows these things. D.R. and I really have no musical talent to speak of. How can a child of 3 know the sounds of different instruments without someone teaching her? It's a mystery to me.
Gia also loves babies, and taking care of them. Whenever there's a new baby at our play group, she'd much rather sit next to the baby and watch than play with any of the toys in the room. She will talk for days about how cute the baby was that she met. Here's a short clip of her from when she was 2, taking care of her baby doll. Maybe she'll be a pediatrician, or maybe she'll just be a great Mom (who plays in a band on the side?)!

It will be interesting in 20 years to look back and say "you know, I really thought she would be a ________, but she surprised us by becoming a _________________."
Oh the things to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I really enjoyed the post! I have no doubt Tia will be a dress designer...she is exceptionally talented...and she could model her own clothes too!

Zara wants to watch the video of Juju again & again

Ronda said...

So sweet! Ju Ju wants to always look at the pictures of your kids over and over too!