Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Crafts in January?

I'm not sure why I get myself into these messes. I was in Michael's (craft store) the other day and they had all their Christmas "kits" on sale for .99. I figured they would be fun for the girls to do on a boring afternoon. This particular one was for making a gingerbread Christmas tree.

It sure was fun for the girls, and VERY sticky!

I can't believe how much frosting was involved, and I only mixed one of the two packages that came with the kit.

Gia was actually sucking the frosting out of the piping bag! Look at the smile on Tia's face. I'm not sure if she's excited, or just completely hyped up on sugar.
Nonetheless, they had a great time, and it really didn't make a huge mess since I kept everything on the baking sheet.
Oh, the things I do for my kids!

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