Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Even though we had planned on spending Christmas here in Huntley this year, wanting the kids to be able to stay in their own home on the holiday, the weather has other plans for us. We've been checking the forecast all week and noticed a marked difference in the conditions between Friday and Saturday. We decided to change our plans and drive home to Rochester on Friday (Christmas Day) in hopes of beating the bad weather. Let's hope we made the right decision.
So, with our sudden change of plans, "Santa" had to come a day early to our house. Our kids are still so young that they don't know the difference anyway.

So, when Tia woke up this morning, she saw that Santa had paid us a visit. She was up before her sister so she couldn't open presents from under the tree. However, I did let her have her stocking while she waited.

Look at the pure joy on her face! Her stocking was hand made by my Mom before Tia was born. We all have one and they are so special to us.

After Gia woke up, the excitement was on again and they opened their presents together. Our kids are thankfully not into big ticket items yet. They each had just 5 small gifts to open and then D.R. rolled out their "big gift", their bikes.

The bikes were a huge hit and the girls have been sitting on them in the house pretty much all day. I can't wait for Spring! Now, if we can just get Gia to agree to wear a helmet.
After the bike excitement, we realized that Gia never opened her stocking, so I sat her down for a picture with hers too.

My Mom made this one before I was even pregnant with Gia! She just knew we would have another baby, and her hands were getting worse with arthritis, so she thought she better make one while she still could. We're sure glad she did.

So, tomorrow morning we head out on our big road trip to NY. We're hoping the weather will cooperate, and praying for a safe trip.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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