Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

My friend recently published this on her blog, so I stole it from her and changed the answers to suit me! I'm quite sure she won't mind at all.

A place you'd like to travel to:
Right now I'm thinking about Hawaii. I've been all over the world, on many adventures, but Hawaii always brings me back. We were there on our honeymoon and 1 year anniversary (with Tia). It's warm, the sun always shines, and the people really know how to relax. My kind of place. It may soon be time to show Gia our favorite place!

Your Favorite place at home:
The couch! I love to cuddle with my sweet girls on the couch (D.R. prefers the floor!). It's also where I sit to read lots and lots of books. Very cozy.

Your favorite TV show:
Well, it depends. Right now I'm really into "Rescue Me". I didn't watch it while it was actually running on TV, we get it on Netflix and watch several episodes in one night. A few months ago we did that with "The Tudors". We find a good show and get hooked. The only problem is we go through the episodes too fast, and are sad when the series is finished.

Your favorite food/drink:
I think I could eat cereal every day of the week and never get sick of it. I love Honey Nut Cheerios right now. I am also a pretty big fan of pizza if it's done right (the NY way!).
As far as drinks go, I like water and Diet 7-up. I rarely drink alcohol but when I do I like Kahlua in my coffee.

Your favorite piece of clothing:
Pajama pants and t-shirt. I love comfort more than style!

The season I love the most:
Fall! I enjoy the crisp air, the changing colors and the lack of humidity. I don't do well with extreme temperatures, too hot or too cold. Fall seems to be just right.

Something I look forward to everyday:
When Tia wakes up and comes bounding down the stairs to say good morning to me. She is always wearing her biggest smile, crazy curls, and rosy cheeks. We should all wake up looking and feeling so good.

That's it for now!


Anonymous said...

I love it that you stole my idea...yours makes a better reading than mine!

The Sugden Family said...

You're kids are awesome, but it's nice to hear about you too! :)