Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tia's new Room; Parts 2 and 3

The time to paint Tia's room finally arrived. We were supposed to have a rainy day on Friday so D.R. took the day off from work and designated it a painting day. It actually ended up to be a beautiful day, and he was stuck inside painting the whole time. What a man will do for his little girl!
Tia had picked out the paint colors herself. It was supposed to be 3 walls of this really bright pink, and one wall a light, soft pink. Once she saw this color on the walls, she wanted the whole room that color, and there was no changing her mind. She was so excited she was dancing around! I just have to say...This is a LOT of pink.

The girls insisted on going upstairs to check on the progress, even though I tried my best to keep them away. We allowed them 5 minutes to "help" with the job, then I bribed them away with an ice cream cone. Here are the masters at work.

Note the size of Gia's paint brush (which she kept calling her tooth brush!).

Here's the almost finished product. This completed part 2 of the room transition, the biggest part. D.R. did all the painting himself, then I was left to put everything back in order, and decorate.

I 'stole' the curtains from Gia's room. Tia's were a solid pink panel, and I honestly didn't have the stomach for MORE pink. Since Tia doesn't nap anymore, I really don't have to worry about keeping the sun out, so the sheers work just fine for her.

Then today I started putting her pictures back on the walls, and adding little decorative details. It's actually still not done yet because this weekend she will be getting a surprise from Nonna and PaPa.
They got her a little vanity that she can sit at and pretend to do her hair and make up. It's been sitting in my basement for months, and we're finally going to let her have it. She's going to be so excited! OK, so is her Mom. I love that kind of stuff.

Tia wants to spend a lot of time in her room now that it's painted. I can't blame her. I think it's the best looking room in the whole house!

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Anonymous said...

The room looks so cool! Can't wait to see it for real.

You know I was thinking of painting a few rooms in our house and my hubby keeps saying with two kids in tow it's gonna be really hard. I want to do it this summer!

Kudos to you!!!!