Tuesday, July 21, 2009

25 Books!

It was last year around this time that I proudly posted I had just read my 10th book of the year. Well, I don't know what got into me this year but I just finished book #25! You can see the complete reading list in the right hand column of this blog.
Some of the selections were fantastic. Some kept me turning pages, on the edge of my seat, well into the night. Others weren't so great.

My new found love of reading has affected other things in my life as well. It has gotten us, as a family, to the library a lot more often. The library has become a favorite place for my kids. Mom gets a book, the girls get a book and a movie. They love it. We are well known by the library staff now.
Reading has also gotten me to sit down. I realized that throughout the course of my day, I seldom sit down. However, if I have a really good book, I sit and read while the kids eat breakfast. I cuddle with them on the couch and read while they watch their favorite cartoons. It's amazing how I am able to sneak in a paragraph here and there throughout the day.

This year I discovered Janet Evanovich. She wrote the Stephanie Plum novels. I never read fiction before, and now I'm pretty sure I'm addicted! The first set of 3 books in the series was to my Mom from our friend in Germany. Mom gave them to me, then I passed them on to my friend Sheila. She has finished them and passed them on to our friend Michele. I am perpetuating the addiction, and happy to do so!

I already have my next 3 books picked out. My Mom gave me a huge box of books on one of my trips home to see her. I'm happy to have them.

Happy Reading!

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