Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Wonderfest in Chicago

Today we made our annual family trek to Navy Pier for Winter Wonderfest.
I can't believe it's already our third year. We were all really excited to go.
This is the first year we had to buy 2 wrist bands for rides, since we figured both girls were of the age to enjoy everything there is to do there.
Tia had the time of her life and could have stayed and played all day. Let's just say Gia, umm, not so much. She liked all the lights and decorations, but didn't want to get on the rides.
D.R. and I took turns using the extra wrist band and going with Tia.

You can see Gia is less than thrilled here.

This was just before the train ride.
Tia was a little nervous but warmed right up!

The only way I could get Gia to go near the snow man was by telling her to go beep his nose!

I took lots more pictures but I'll just put a few on here.
D.R. and I agree that next year (fingers crossed) will be better because the girls will be older and they will both really enjoy the rides.
It was still a good day overall and nice to see their reaction to all the decorations and characters.
Now we're counting down to Christmas!

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The Sugden Family said...

What a great family photo! You and your husband look alike! What is the term for it?! 'Sister & Brother Couple?!" or something like that... :)