Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharing and Caring

I have always been intent on raising caring, unselfish, compassionate kids. I knew last year that I was headed in that direction with Tia. She showed me many examples.

When we started hosting play dates at our house, I noticed she never had a problem with other children coming into our home and playing with her toys. Her peers had some difficulty with this in their homes.
Then there was the birthday celebration at my sisters house when Tia apparently thought she had gotten too many presents and started passing them out to the guests.
But this past weekend she showed me her true spirit and nearly brought me to tears. I got tickets for D.R. and Tia to go to the circus together. I explained to Tia that her sister was still too young to go, and would have to stay home with me. I overheard Tia in the living room saying "I'm going to the circus Ju Ju. OK? You stay with Mommy. OK?". I thought that was very sweet of her but then, she came to me, put her hand on my shoulder and said "Mommy, you need to take Ju Ju shopping today and buy her a prize".
Now what 3 year old wants to see her sister get a prize and not get one herself?! She is truly amazing. Caring and compassionate at even this very young age. D.R. says "She's like you, all heart". Not such a bad thing.

Today Gia had her weekly "Tot Rock" music class. The instructor tossed out a bag full of balls all over the floor for the toddlers to play with. Sure enough, Gia had a blast picking up the balls and giving them out to the other children and parents. I sat back and smiled thinking 'It's working!'.

They make their Mom proud.

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