Sunday, November 2, 2008

The nightmare project

Have you ever had one of those projects that just kept getting more and more complicated and made you wonder why you ever started it in the first place? Well, that' what happened with our closet project. In fact, the people who lived in this house before us moved out because they were getting a divorce. I only half jokingly say that their problems probably began with the closet.

You may remember from an earlier post that not only were the closet organizer units all the wrong size which left a lot of unused space, but one whole wall was just shelves. Any woman in America knows that shelves are not really what you want in a closet. We need racks to hang clothes on!

D.R didn't seem to mind the closet the way it was. Of course not, he's a man. He was perfectly happy throwing his pants on the shelves and having it look like a mess all the time. The other thing is that he had all the hanging space, I had the shelves. Sensing the inequity here?

Here's how it went.
Stage one:
I disassembled the mammoth nine foot shelving unit that was on my side of the closet. I had to take the entire thing apart because it was so huge it wouldn't fit out the door otherwise. I then had to take the nine foot pieces down to the basement. I did most of it during the kids nap time, all the while praying that one of those big slabs of wood wouldn't fall on my head and knock me out cold in the process. Not a pretty thought.

Stage 2:
Taking apart D.R.'s existing rack units and moving them to the right hand wall, allowing me more space to work with. D.R. had to do this part because of the height and weight of these units, and of course because I sweet talked him into it. Here's a picture of those units. We kept them as is, just moved them.
Attempting to move said units brings us to stage 3.

Stage 3:
Light fixture had to be moved because it was in the way and couldn't stay where it was once the racks were moved. Agghhhh! We both just got a few more gray hairs.
This was my task as D.R. doesn't do electricity. I don't either but felt I had no choice since I was the one who got us into this mess.

Stage 4:
Disassembling one cubicle/cubbie unit (there were 2) and removing it from the closet. It's still laying on its' side in our hallway because, you guessed it, it's 9 feet tall! We kept the second one because D.R. likes them. He keeps his sweaters and shoes in there.

Stage 5:
Attempting to assemble the "All in one, Easy to assemble" Rubbermaid closet kit. Nope, didn't fit. Had to take it back to the store. Bought all the parts separately.

Stage 6:
Dear husband said he would install my new racks as long as I kept the kids occupied for an hour. He says he hopes I am happy. I am. I FINALLY have a place to hang my clothes! Gia will be happy she doesn't have to share her closet with Mommy forever.

Tomorrow I will move my clothes over.

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