Thursday, November 13, 2008

Luca the Fish

Our beloved Luca the Fish passed on the other day. Tia doesn't know. How do you tell a 3 year old that her pet died? She has had the fish longer than she has had her sister!
Here is a picture of her almost 2 years ago when we mounted the fish on the wall. She was so proud.

I went to Wal Mart with the intention of getting a new fish as well as a tank. I got the tank but they no longer sell fish. Shoot! I set up the tank the following morning. It's really cool with bright colors, and a filter. Much better than just a bowl. Tia loved it and wanted to know why Luca wasn't in his new house. I told her the water wasn't warm enough for him yet and we had to wait one more day. Thanks God she still believes everything I tell her!

Yesterday we went to the grocery store that sells fish. I put the kids in one of those carts that looks like a car that they can drive while Mom shops. That way when I picked out the new fish they couldn't see what I was doing. They were content in there until I got through the check out so I was able to bag up the fish without them seeing. When we got home and Tia was watching TV, I snuck Luca II into the new tank and voila! Happy happy. When Tia looked at "Luca" for the first time, her comment was "Mom, that's not Luca", but I brushed it off and she hasn't said another word about it. I swear this kid is too smart!

Here they are with the new tank and fish. Now they want to have all meals at the breakfast bar so they can watch the fish.

Fingers crossed that this one lives 2 years too!

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