Friday, November 14, 2008

Country Living

I am a city kid through and through so living in our rural area has taken some getting used to. I still giggle every time we come down Huntley Road and Gia yells "moooo" because she sees the dairy farm. I have learned to live with the fact that I will never win the battle against the rabbits who want to eat my flowers. I understand that the kids won't be able to play in the back yard alone because of the family of coyote who live in the field. I have even become accustomed to having corn fields as far as the eye can see out my back window.
But I get taken aback a bit when I hear my daughter say things like she said today. As calmly as possible, Tia said "Mom, there's a duck in our yard". I looked out the back window and saw what she saw. I said "Tia, that's a goose, not a duck". Her response to me was "It's called a Canada Goose Mom".

OK, she's absolutely right. It is a Canada goose. They love to eat the seed from the corn field now that all the corn has been cut down so we have tons of them. My question is how the heck does she know it's a Canada goose?! I asked D.R. if he taught her and he said "I don't even know the difference between a regular goose and a Canada goose". I have no idea where she learned it but she is definitely NOT a city kid like her Mom.

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