Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Basement shopping

I had to go digging in the basement yesterday to look for some 24 month clothes for Gia. She can still fit into her 18 month things but they are just a bit too short on her.
While down there I picked through the 4T box of clothes from my God Daughter Alia. We got all her clothes because her parents had 2 more boys, no girls. They are all in such great shape, it's like Christmas every time Tia changes a size and we get out all new things.
I found these warm, fuzzy pajamas in the box. Tia asked if she could wear them to bed last night. I needed to do a load of laundry anyway so by the time she was ready for bed, they were clean and dry.

When she put them on I asked her what she thought about them. I was expecting her to answer one of our standard sayings like "Cozy" or "Toasty". Her response was "They are as good as new!". She's right, they are. I feel lucky to have all these wonderful hand-me-downs.

Here's another shot of her today wearing one of Alia's old sweaters. Tia wears dresses so often that I forget about the jeans and shirts we have in the dresser. I thought she looked adorable!

It's so important to her that she do certain things all by herself, like putting on her shoes. She got them on the right feet this time.

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