Sunday, October 19, 2008

More family fun

Fall festivals are a big deal here in the midwest. The best thing is that Tom's Farm is literally right around the corner from us and Tom goes all out to make it fun for the kids.
Here are some pictures from our morning on the farm. Because there are so many, I made them small. Not to worry, you can click on each picture to view them full size.

Future farmer Gia.

She really wanted to see Bert and Ernie but this is as close as she would get.

This cute little train ride gave them a tour of the farm. Tia just loved it.

Tia has been wanting to get her face painted ever since she saw it on Caillou.
She finally got her wish.

We all had fun. Thank God for the warm sun because it was a bit windy and cold here this morning. I don't think the kids cared, they had a blast.

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