Thursday, October 30, 2008

The case of the missing slippers

While tidying up the family room this evening, this is what I found.

Four different slippers. No pairs, just four distinctively different slippers of various sizes. Where are the mates you might ask? I am asking myself the same question. Apparently my kids having warm feet is more of an issue for me than for them. They take them off all over the house and just leave them where ever they land.
I'm sure I will find the mates in some other part of the house tomorrow. I just hope these four will stay put until then so I will have at least a pair or two!

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Amy Jo said...

ha. That's funny! Do you think they take one off at a time? Have you caught them wearing just one around the house? My kids love one of my pairs of flat shoes and try walking all over the first floor in them. So far, they manage to keep the two near each other so I can find them again. I really appreciate that!