Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 Healthy Kids

That's what we have. Both girls did just fine at their well child check-ups today.
Tia was a brave girl and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her interaction with the doctor. Let's just say Gia is a different story all together. At her age, Tia wasn't exactly fond of the doctor either so it's just what I expected.

Tia is exactly in the 50th %ile for height and weight. She's 34 pounds, 6oz. and 37" tall.

Gia is in the 75th for weight and 90th for height! We don't quite know where she gets the height from but that's great. She's 27 pounds, 8oz. and 33 1/2" tall.

They both got their flu shots so let's hope for a healthy winter.
We are blessed with two very healthy little girls.

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