Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some random funny things

Here are some things that crack me up:

Tia is really into building tents/forts lately. The other day we built one and then of course she insisted we get in it with her. Later, I walked into the room and this is what I found. They were reading books under there, just piggies sticking out!

Yesterday we received a package in the mail from Emily who lives in Germany. It contained a dress for Giuliana. Tia was upset that it wasn't for her. I reminded her that Emily had already sent her a dress and that it was hanging in her closet. Of course I had to go get said dress for her to wear, as well as put the new one no Gia. This is what they looked like.
And, they are drinking yogurt/fruit smoothies that they think are so cool in their own cups. Tia is looking quite sad because I dared to delay our walk by 30 seconds so I could grab the camera!

While making dinner tonight I tried to keep Gia busy by giving her some little markers to color with. After a minute, I turned around to see her mouth was totally purple. I asked her if she tried to eat the marker and of course she said no. Hmmm, I wonder how this happened then?

Talk about the truth being written all over your face, literally!

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