Monday, August 4, 2008

The real Cinderella

Last year for her birthday and Christmas Tia got Princess boots, clothes, an umbrella, you name it, Princess everything. Way to go Disney for great marketing! Still, she had no clue who the Princesses were, or what Disney was, she just thought these things were pretty.

A few months ago we read Tia the Cinderella book and from then on she was hooked. Shortly after that she got the DVD of the movie as her prize from Daddy for potty training. Now, everything in her life is about being a princess and/or being Cinderella.
Once again, great marketing Disney.

I had to buy some new pajamas for Giuliana the other day and I seriously could not find any that were not Disney Princess. I really just wanted a plain pair of pajamas. They don't exist any more. I was concerned about giving her the new pajamas for fear of disturbing Tia and her belief that all things Princess belong to her. Later I was in the basement going through boxes of clothes that were given to us by our very generous friend Michele. These were clothes that her daughter Alia wore nearly 10 years ago. Lo and behold I found this beautiful Cinderella night gown! Woo hoo, what a find, and a life saver. I didn't have to endure tears that the baby got Princess jammies and she didn't.

All is right with the world.

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