Thursday, August 7, 2008

More things Tia says that crack me up

After getting Giuliana dressed this morning, I noticed that her shirt was a wee bit small on her. Tia looked at her and said "Um, Ju Ju, your tummy stickin' out".

Tia saw the box in our closet which contains my wedding gown. She asked me if she could see it. I then asked her if she would wear my wedding gown when she grows up and gets married. She said "No, I buy my own dress!".

Today in the store a woman walked past and said "Oh my, she is adorable!". Tia put her hand up and said "No talk about it!". Talk to the hand lady, talk to the hand.

Also in the store today we walked by the electronics department. Tia spotted the televisions and said "Look Mom! TV's, let's go check 'em out...check it out!". Another customer asked "did she just say check it out?". Yup, and I have no idea where she learned to say that!

While exercising this afternoon, I told Tia that she should cheer me on to make me want to keep going. I was expecting something along the lines of "Go Mom, Go" when she began shouting "C'mon, shake it up!". I have no idea where she learned that one either.

I have a bag in the laundry room where I collect things we don't use/need any more. I wait until the bag is full then donate it to whatever charity is asking for donations that month. Tia found a baby rattle and said "Hmm, I been lookin' for this all over".

Yesterday we met our friend Noah in the park. Noah and his mommy got there early and had painted a flower with the "art lady". Tia was intrigued by the little wooden flower they made. Noah's mom said Tia could have it and take it home. For the rest of the day Tia kept saying in a very excited voice "Mom, Noah painted a flower just for me!". I think she has her first crush.

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