Sunday, August 10, 2008

More funny stuff

Tia tells me that when she turns 4, she will take violin lessons. She would also like Daddy to learn to play the drums, and mommy to play the saxophone. I've always liked the saxophone, but I think that ship has sailed. Sadly, she will be a one woman band. She says Ju Ju is a baby and can't play music. I guess she will just have to listen.
Tia also reminds me often that she will teach her baby sister how to dance when she gets older. That, I can't wait to see.

When I go to the gym, Tia asks "Mom, I go to playschool today?". I tell her yes, for a little while. Then she asks "You go get all sweaty?". Yes, Mommy's going to get sweaty. I am grateful she knows about exercise (and sweat).

Any time one of us gets the tiniest ailment of any kind, Tia says "Get medicine and a Band Aid". Now she has us all saying it. If D.R. has a problem at work, I say "Just go get medicine and a Band Aid", everything will be just fine. I wish life was as simple as it is through her eyes!

Yesterday on our way into a restaurant, Tia tried to open the door herself. It was too heavy for her so I 'helped' her pull it open. Unfortunately her toe was right there in front of the door and I jammed the door right into it. Her nail lifted, there was a slight cut, a little blood, and a lot of tears. I felt so bad that I inflicted this pain on my poor baby, that I almost cried. Once things calmed down, Tia said to me "I sorry mom, it's OK, get medicine and a Band Aid". Ah, life is good. She forgives me.

When D.R. brought home roses for me on our anniversary, Tia said "Wow Daddy, you brought Mommy flowers?". He said "Yes, you like them?" and she said "You're a genius Dad". Boy, she is certainly learning young.

Yesterday I was giving Tia a firm 'talking to' about not waiting so long to go on the potty, and not having accidents. Her response was "Mommy, I'm tryin' not to listen to you'. And so it begins.

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