Sunday, August 3, 2008

Say Cheese!

Here is our new camera. We researched this thing to no end. Because we take so many pictures of the kids we decided that we really need a good one that will last. We were tired of replacing our little "cheapo" Canon digitals every 2 years. This camera takes great pictures and has tons of features that will come in handy when the kids are into sports and other events that require a fast shutter speed, and zero delay.

We have only one problem with this new camera. Giuliana is terrified of it! We are talking screaming bloody murder and running in the opposite direction. It's hilarious and of course a bit upsetting. What good is having a great new camera to take pictures of your kids with, if one of your kids can't stand the sight of it?

Here is a minor example of her response when she sees the new camera coming.

Yup, that's her hiding behind the chair, in the corner, on the verge of tears.
That's Tia back there with her trying to comfort her, and wondering what the big deal is!
This too shall pass.

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Amy Jo said...

oh no! That is a little bit funny. Is that a Cannon SLR? We got something like that when Joshua was a baby for the same reasons. I still use a small camera for blog photos and to carry in my purse. The cannon is so big, but we get awesome photos from it! I keep it on auto, but Brian fiddles around with it all the time. Are you an auto focus person too?