Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This week the challenge in our household is how to get Giuliana to stop throwing food on the floor. I have tried everything short of threatening bodily harm! I remember Tia going through this phase but I don't remember it lasting this long or being this deliberate. She will purposely get my attention and then drop a food item on the floor while smiling at me. She knows she is not supposed to do it, and waits for my reaction. I can't even count how many times a day (that's right, day, not week!) I sweep and mop my kitchen floor. This week I have started something new to try to combat this issue. I take her out of her chair, put her on the floor, and make her hand the items to me. So far she thinks it's fun. I am not sure she gets the point. All I can say is Grrrr.

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Amy Jo said...

hi! You have a blog! I see what you mean about the labels. That's really strange that they go under both categories. I've never seen that before. You might try googling for that, or blogger has a help site that I haven't found very helpful in the past. hmmmm.
Anyway, it looks good! I like the stuff you have on the sidebar. I should upload more photos there too!